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Umbrella sites - these feature pages for different variants, including links to downloads, the variant homepage, description of the variant, and reviews.
Previous Authors - Angband has had many authors and contributors. Here are some of the more prominent ones with web sites.
Variant sites - The homepages for different variants. All are active.
Newsgroups - Angband has a large community of players and developers. These groups are particularly kind to beginners.
FTP & HTTP sites - Repositories of source code, documentation, and executable packages for many systems.

Umbrella Sites
Thangorodrim The Premiere Angband and variant site.
Roguelike News A fairly comprehensive and well maintained site listing roguelike games, with lists, links, and articles on writing your own.
Angband Variants Page Another variants site, with download links and descriptions.

Previous Authors
The Official Angband Site Ben Harrison's Angband page. He was the maintainer of 2.7.X-2.8.X. This site tends to be very infrequently changed.
Moria Robert Alan Koeneke is the original author of Moria, the program upon which Angband is based. He has a nice site detailing some of the history of the development of Moria, but it is has recently disappeared.

Variant Sites
Zangband Home to Zangband, an active, sprawling, heavily played and heavily developed variant. Many variants are based on it.
DrAngband Dragon Angband. See how the other half lives.

Newsgroups The most used group for Angband. Postings include questions, boasting about your character's newest find or spectacular death, posting bug reports and patches, and endless discussion about possible changes to the game. Announcements of new versions, binaries, and FAQs. This group is for all roguelikes, not just Angband.

FTP & HTTP Sites
clockwork (US) The new official ftp site for Angband.
andrew (US) The old official ftp site for Angband. (defunct)
greyhelm (US) small mirror site.
sunet  http (Sweden) Swedish University Network mirror site.
funet  http (Finland) Finnish University Network mirror site.
planetmirror  http (Australia) mirror site.
kyushu-u (Japan) Kyushu University mirror site.